Health & Wellness

The Wellness Center at N Street Village offers integrated mental health, physical health, and addiction recovery services to homeless and low-income women. Our program offerings take a holistic approach to wellness-  addressing the mind, body, and spirit. Thanks to program partnerships, and dedicated volunteers including client alumna, we offer a full spectrum of daily wellness programs that promote health education, physical fitness, and holistic well-being.

Physical Health

In partnership with Unity Health Care, we have onsite primary health care and dental clinics. In addition, we have Village staff, volunteers and other partnerships which provide services and support groups for women coping with HIV/AIDS, addiction, trauma and other challenges.  We offer daily classes – from Yoga and Aerobics to Smoking Cessation and Diabetes prevention.

Mental Health

We provide women with mental health education, support groups, crisis intervention assistance, and referral services. In partnership with Mary’s Center, we offer weekly individual therapy and psychiatric services. We also offer a variety of mental health promotion and holistic wellness classes like anger management, meditation, massage, and trauma recovery support programs.

In addition, we have a full offering of arts classes from open studio to an acting program in partnership with Theatre Lab. Women can also express themselves through written word in our autobiography, journaling, and poetry classes.

Rosalind’s Story

She fought back the best way she knew how: with love.