A Year Later: A Look at N Street Village and Miriam’s House Merger

N Street Village was featured in Monday’s Capital Business section of The Washington Post in an article describing our 2011 merger with Miriam’s House. The merger has been a great success. N Street Village has been able to provide more and better services to homeless women, particularly those living with HIV/AIDS.

“Nearly one year since the vows, two nonprofit darlings of the District — N Street Village and Miriam’s House —are calling their merger a success.
It was not without discomfort and uncertainty, but after an economic downturn that swallowed fundraising dollars and government grants, the region’s nonprofits were forced to either find creative ways to adjust or shut down. Mergers were widely encouraged by fundraising professionals.
The combination of N Street Village and Miriam’s House, both providing human services to homeless women, has been one of the more high-profile, full-scale mergers in the region since the recession began in 2008.
For N Street Village, the economic doldrums sparked a hiring freeze, cessation of employee benefits and two years of deficits causing executives to dip into reserves. All the while, demand for services were increasing.”

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