A Village SHE-RO – Meet Rachel

Rachel outsideWhen Rachel came to N Street Village she was jobless, struggling with addiction, had just lost her home and was depressed.

After two years in the N Street Village Recovery Housing program, Rachel is sober, living on her own, and pursuing her career in music.  We are honored to have Rachel as a new member of the N Street Village Board of Directors.

In Rachel’s own words…


Ms. Toni [N Street Village Recovering Housing advocate] because she exemplifies the spirit of recovery – we will love you until you learn to love yourself.

What was your greatest SHE-RO moment?

When I was able to move and live independently.

What is your SHE-RO Super Power?


What would you like to say to all the N Street Village supporters?

Sometimes you don’t know when someone is suffering – they can mask it well.  Some people have access to resources for help, others don’t – that’s where N Street Village comes in.  Without the support of N Street Village, I don’t know where I would be today.  Thank you!

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Rachel mask  Rachel in SHE-RO mode!