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N Street Village: What is Workplace Giving?

Alex Fren: Workplace giving is an easy way to contribute financially to organizations you care about. Donations come out of your paycheck pre-tax.

NSV: Is it easy to enroll?

AF: Workplace giving is one of the easiest ways to give because you can set it up once and then forget about it. During your employer’s workplace giving enrollment period (if they have one), you make a pledge for the year, and then chose to have the payment taken out of your paycheck on a monthly or quarterly basis. The amount is then automatically deducted from your paycheck—you don’t have to worry about sending a check, setting up a payment online, or tracking separate records for your taxes—all of this is done for you!

NSV: How can I find out if my employer participates in workplace giving?

AF: Many employers offer workplace giving, either through their own internal program, an online program (such as Benevity, JustGiving, Global Giving, etc.), or through the United Way/Combined Federal Campaign Fund (N Street’s United Way # is 8281, and our Combined Federal Campaign # is 90946)

NSV: Can I make a one-time donation instead?

AF: Yes, you can make one-time donations through any of the workplace giving avenues.

NSV: Would an N Street Village representative be able to come to my workplace and share more about how to get involved in workplace giving?

AF: We would love to attend a lunch, women’s committee meeting, or other event at your workplace, to share with your coworkers more about the organization you support! If you would like us to give a presentation to your workplace, please contact Heidi at

NSV: How can my employer participate in workplace giving?

AF: Many employers also offer matching gifts to the organizations that their employees support. Regardless of how you support N Street Village—through workplace giving or general support or volunteer hours, reach out to your HR department to see if they offer matching gifts or service grants, and double the impact that your gift makes in the lives of the women we serve.

NSV: If I have questions about workplace giving, who can I contact?

AF: If you have questions about how to find out if your organization offers a matching gift program and how to get set up, please reach out to me, Alex Fren at

Alex Fren started as the Development Associate in August 2017. Part of that role includes managing workplace giving at N Street Village. She spends her free time reading, volunteering, or hanging out with her cats.