Peter Shields, Chair
Ruth Sorenson, Vice-Chair
Carolyn Arpin, Treasurer
Andrea Ponsor, Assistant Treasurer
Cindy Aron, Secretary

Hillary Baltimore
Karen Brau
Tammy Cameron
Dan Corbett
Crystal Corman
Thomas Dawson
Bill Ebbs
Jane Fishkin
Robin Halsband
Keith Harley

Nancy Hartsock
Sherry Hiemstra
Christine Kaufman
Gary Maring
Jacqueline Michel
Portia Robertson Migas
La Guardia Myers
Michael Nassy
Rachel Panay Raziel
Sid Stolz
LaVern Walker
Patrice Willoughby

Schroeder Stribling, Executive Director

Minutes from Board of Directors Meetings are available upon request. Please contact

Board of Directors Roster and Conflict of Interest Policy